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In Ponte di Legno, the summer holiday means outdoor activities: you can go hiking, climbing, simple walks or photographic routes, or even cycle along the numerous paths. All surrounded by a spectacular landscape, including mountains, woods, meadows and lakes. There is an embarrassment of choice on the excursions to undertake, in particular 18 itineraries have been created that combine scenic, natural and historical beauties. Each of them has its own connotation, just choose the one that best suits you, both in terms of difficulty and length, and you just have to leave and leave all your thoughts behind. If, on the other hand, you want to give yourself a break from the mountain routine, you can stay in the village, here there is no boredom: from the indoor pool to the equipped gyms, or approach the world of gof with a circuit suitable for both experts and beginners, naturally surrounded from a fairytale landscape, entirely located at more than 1500 meters above sea level and equipped with 18 holes of all types and difficulties. Ponte di Legno is one of the ideal locations for those who love cycling and in particular mountain biking. One of the most popular routes is the Alta Val Camonica cycle path, an absolute novelty in these parts, inaugurated during the 2012 summer season and connects Ponte di Legno to Vezza d’Oglio.